• The Takoma Park community has always been vibrantly independent. Historic homes, arts, railroads, and traditions have blended warmly here with new thoughts and ideas, and a few famous and not-so-famous renegades who’ve embodied that vibrantly independent spirit. One such character, known well to locals in the town centre, was Roscoe the Rooster. For a full decade, Roscoe graced this neighborhood with his vagabond but proud plumage. Free-spirited yet reliable, Roscoe touched his neighbors in different ways. Some say Roscoe demonstrated that all creatures great and small have a distinct purpose and can make their own way in the world given the right circumstances. Others say he seemed to remind them daily that it was time to do something (although he was never big on details). No one knows for certain how or why Roscoe appeared one day in downtown Takoma Park, or why he stayed, but we say - where else would a renegade, independent spirit with a few feathers and an interpretive message want to live?
  • At Roscoe’s, we bring you a place to recognize and celebrate the “reliable free spirit.” Our food is creative and playful, but you also will find it healthy, consistent, and easy to get along with. Wherever possible, we bring you the freshest organic and sustainable ingredients, and a commitment to local, community growers. And, like Roscoe, we are on a mission to perfect our purpose here, which is to bring you the highest quality, most delicious food that you can find in a free-wheelin’ kind of town that honors renegades, railroads, roosters, and Roscoe. Come honor your inner Roscoe – we hope you enjoy.