• Brunch
  • Sausage Flat Bread

    Local organic sausage, tomatoes, parsley top with sunny side up eggs

  • Vegetarian Flat Bread

    Sautéed spinach, red pepper, goat cheese top with sunny side up eggs

  • French Toast with Fruit Compote

    Thick cut brioche with maple syrup and cinnamon butter with mixed dry fruit compote

  • Vegetable Fritatta

    Rapini, mushroom, roasted red pepper and parmesan served with rosemary potatoes

  • Proscuitto Fritatta

    Prosciutto, spinach, artichokes and red onion served with rosemary potatoes

  • Eggplant Fritatta

    Eggplant, tomato, onion and garlic served with rosemary potatoes

  • Smoked Salmon Panini

    Horseradish mascarpone, red onion, capers and red peppers with rosemary potatoes

  • Ham, Egg and Cheese Panini

    Cappicola ham, eggs and fontina cheese with rosemary potatoes

  • Poached Eggs and Salmon

    Smoked salmon over brioche triangles with poached eggs and stone ground mustard cream

  • Poached Eggs and Ham

    Cappicola ham over brioche triangles with poached eggs and stone ground mustard cream

  • Egg Pizza

    Three poached eggs, cappicola ham, spinach, red peppers,horseradish mascarpone and smoked mozzarella

  • Smoked Salmon Pizza

    Smoked salmon, red onion, red peppers, capers and horseradish mascarpone

  • Sausage Bake

    Local organic Italian sausage, poached eggs, red peppers and fresh mozzarella over tomato sauce

  • Veggie Bake

    Spinach, mushrooms, red peppers and fresh mozzarella, poached eggs over tomato sauce

  • Beverages

    Coffee, iced or hot tea, sodas, juice box, milk, lime cooler, cappiccino, espresso, mimosa, bellini